What is ASE?

Action Scenario Events is a Scenario Game Production company that focuses on action packed, fun-for-everybody paintball events. Many of our events are themed after movies so that players can get the feel of the event as well as an insight into what missions might involve. 

  We pride ourselves in being inclusive not exclusive. Not only do we welcome players of all types including but not limited to serious, milsim, recreational, families and people just wanting to have fun, but we also welcome magfed, pump, pistol, and tournament style markers. Most events also include the ability to use Havoc launchers and paintball tanks.


Fun Facts

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The Crew

Ryan Sexton - Owner

Ryan's first game of paintball was in 1989, yes he is old. He first started working in paintball helping his uncle make "muzzle breaks" that helped quiet the sound from all the high pressure markers of that time period. His first industry job was with Pursuit Marketing in 2004. Since then he has worked for Valken and GI Sportz.Typically as a field rep where he got to travel and visit most stores and fields in the western third of the USA. He has also managed Scenario Player Programs such as creating the BT Battalion, running Valken Corps, creating and running the Brigade Program for GI Sportz. He has also ran and worked at parks such as Avid Extreme Sports and Official Paintball. Ryan first started producing games in 2013 in Oregon and Canada. ASE was formed later and currently produces games wherever the fun takes them. Ryan is married, has a ton of kids and is a Marine Corps Veteran.

Hurtz Donut - VP of Operations

Hurtz is the guy that wears many hats. Formerly the favorite Head Reff for ASE events he quickly showed his ability to help organize the flow of the games and keep the show going. So he got promoted and is usually found at our HQ (Space Command) pulling all the strings to keep the games fun and interesting. An accomplished Golden Tee competitor he is also currently the best Lip Sync Battler east of the Mississippi. Hurtz is a Purple Heart recipient and veteran of the the US Marine Corps.

John Hubbard - Director of Player Experience

John has been a staple of paintball in Oklahoma for 20+ years, from playing competitively on the National circuits to owning and operating stores and fields, he is a huge part of paintball in his state. Arguably the best tech in the state, he is also a pretty good player, coach and amazing friend. John is a detail guy, which helps to balance Ryan's big picture focus. His great sense of humor is contagious but dont mess with his food. Unfortunately for his awesome wife Nikki, his house is the unofficial landing pad for most of the crew at most of the events. He loves Bernie and is a huge Elton John fan.

Trey Garrison -Director of Communications

Trey is John's partner in Avid's two parks, is friends with just about everybody, and is the life of the party. Our designated funny guy, he keeps things light and fun. He is the guy that is down to drive a giant poodle to Florida at the drop of a dime. Always a good time and fills in the gaps whenever one arises. Trey can always be counted on to look at things from a different perspective, play devils advocate and a solid contributor of mission ideas and isnt afraid to tell Ryan to reel back in the crazier ideas. If you like to fish, Trey has a knack for finding new lakes so dont let him navigate.